Family Star Gazing Weekend October 12 and

Saturday, October 13, 2018
Haw Wood Farm

The Milky Way. Taken from Haw Wood Farm.

October 12th and 13th 2018

This year at Haw Wood Farm we are hosting an exciting Outreach Star Party. This is aimed at all budding astronomers and those who would like to spend a few nights learning about the night sky while enjoying a relaxed weekend camping. We will have astronomy based crafts, quizzes, talks, slide shows and an Introduction to the Night Sky led by David Murton of the local Darsham Astronomical Society.

This is an ideal family adventure for young and older children to enjoy.

The Darsham astronomical society and Breckland astronomical society will be hosting our tour of the Night Sky and will also be available for guests without telescopes to view through their collection of magnificent scopes.

The Star Parties are a gathering of both expert astronomists, those with an interest in learning a little more and those who simply want to sit back and gaze at the beauty of the night sky.

Haw Wood Farm has been named a ‘Dark Sky Discovery Site’ due to its unusual lack of light pollution.

We have naked eye visibility 5.73, averted 5.99 and a best SQM reading of 21.75.

Very few areas of the UK have this award which makes us the perfect place to combine a weekend break with some top quality star gazing.

Because of the nature of the event all lighting on the park will be down to a minimum level or off altogether. We ask anyone participating in this weekend to be aware that to observe the stars at their best ,bright lights and torches should be avoided around the observation area. 

Pitches can be booked in the usual way online.