Here at Haw Wood Farm we are passionate about doing all we can to save and preserve the environment.
We believe every little thing makes a difference and everyone can play their part.

All the hot water you use here at Haw Wood Farm is heated by our Biomass Boiler. The Boiler is fed by wood chips that are collected from around the Hinton Estate. If you spot piles of wood on your way to the coast it is probably ours!


In our Bathrooms we do our best to be as low impact as possible. We provide recycled toilet paper and Eco hand soap.
We also use cleaning products with a high EU Eco rating that keep the washrooms clean and sparkly without the damaging chemicals and excess packaging.


In the late spring and summer months you will see our wild flower meadows in bloom. We have a strip for the birds and a strip for the bees and butterflies.

These are right next to our dog walking meadow where we mow paths through the long wild grasses for you and your canine friends to enjoy.

There are also 3500 trees that we have planted!

In our shop we have a selection of locally produced products. From milk to postcards and meats to apple juice! We try to get as much as we can from our local area. We do not sell bottled water and we will not give out plastic bags so please come prepared with your own reusable ones!

We work closely with the David Bellamy Award scheme to make sure we are on track with everything we do to conserve water, minimize waste, reduce energy consumption, protect wild life and habitats and support the local community,

Gold! 2015 to 2019

Gold! 2015 to 2019

Do your Bit!

Do your Bit!

We have recycling, landfill and glass bins so we can all do our bit. If you would like to borrow a basket from the shop to help make it easier to keep your recycling separate please ask.

We are a bee friendly site! This means that as well as planting lots of flowers that we know bees love we also have our own bee hives. We make sure we leave the little lovelies plenty of honey for themselves but any extra we extract and you can buy in our shop.

Be a Green Explorer

Have a day out from Haw Wood Farm car free!

Darsham train station is a 15 minute walk from Haw wood Farm. From here you can go to Lowestoft, Beccles, Saxmundham, Woodbridge or Halesworth for a car free day out.
Please ask if you would like to see a timetable.

Cycling from Haw Wood Farm couldn’t be easier or lovelier!
Follow the country roads towards Dunwich Heath, Minsmere, Walberswick nature reserve or Southwold and spend the day discovering areas and sights you would miss if you travelled by car.
We have a number of local maps showing pathways and roads perfect for bikes.

Haven’t got a bike? We have a few here and might be able to help.

If you arrive at Haw Wood Farm car free come to our cafe for a complimentary drink!



If you want to cook with some fresh herbs then come and help yourself from our eatable garden outside the main building.

Not only do they smell and taste amazing but the bees love the flowers too!